Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids everywhere! What’s not to love with a holiday made up of candy, costumes, and sweet treats?! We’ve put together some darling, kid friendly, details to make your child’s Halloween bash a sure hit among all their friends (and maybe some of the grown ups, too!)


FANtastic Game Day Fare

With football season starting up Sunday afternoons are getting a lot more exciting. Across the nation friends and family gather to watch their favorite teams. Part of the festivities always includes the food that goes along with watching a great game. Some of the classics include chili, soft pretzels, and pizza; none of which are… Read more »


Seasonal Statement Bar

As we make our way into the colder months of the year consider trading a candy bar for a cocoa bar! This statement bar will wow your guests in addition to giving them a warm and delicious treat. Hot chocolate bars are versatile. They can be fun for a casual affair or can be made… Read more »


Pumpkin Picks

I love pumpkin in the fall. {Well, always. Confession: I ate pumpkin twice in just four days while in Venice on our honeymoon. In July. If you are there, you must head to Osteria La Zucca– it.is.fab.} But really– who doesn’t love pumpkin in the fall?! The sweet and rich flavor works flawlessly with countless… Read more »