Pretty Perfect Pumpkins

In honor of our favorite season, we wanted to put together some ideas to make Halloween a little more glamorous. This year trade in your jack o’ lanterns for some pretty pumpkins!  Each look can be incorporated into the perfect holiday decor. Some are easily purchased while others are great for a girls craft night… Read more »


Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Rich colors and new textures all stand out as up and coming trends for this fall. While it’s no doubt that these styles will soon fill our closets; they don’t need to stay in our clothes alone. Translating new trends into event apparel and decor can be a fun way to keep your event stylish… Read more »


Favors for Fall

The tradition of sending guests home from a wedding or event with a small gift has been around for centuries. What once started as a European aristocratic gesture has become a common practice among individuals and couples today. Favors vary by event– some gifts are elaborate, while others are much simpler. Nonetheless, favors of any… Read more »


…Something Blue

As the saying {from an Old English rhyme} goes, every bride should have; something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue {and a silver sixpence in her shoe!} while walking down the aisle.  Carrying all of these items is meant to bring good luck and happiness to the couple and their marriage. We love… Read more »


Shades of Season’s Change: Week One

Whispers of autumn are in the air and our minds are spinning with fabulous ideas for events this fall.  You may remember when Pantone released their Fall 2013 Colors, and now that we are on the heels of the season, we are more excited than ever for a beautiful fall with rich, warm tones and vibrant… Read more »


Fashion Love: Bows!

It’s no secret I love a good bow. I find them to be a perfect accessory and my closet is full of them. This weekend, my mom and I attended the incredible Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity exhibit at The Art Institute. The internationally acclaimed exhibition is the first to uncover the relationship between art and… Read more »