Gold Leaf Ornaments

It’s no secret I love gold. From jewelry to home decor and everything in between, I love it for an accent of glam. There is endless inspiration online of furniture re-dos, gold spray paint makeovers and gold leaf projects…After my pretty pearl wreath, I decided to try out a little gold leaf love and made these cutie ornaments for me and my hubbie. I’m making some extras to adorn to some of my pretty packages in lieu of a gift tag, too.

Super chic and super easy! All you need is a gold leaf adhesive (I chose a pen for easy initial application), gold leaf, a soft brush, and ornaments. I bought black and white ornaments and an extra pack that had gold hardware instead of silver and swapped out the tops to complete the look.

Step One: Write the initial of your choice on your ornament using your adhesive. {Tip: it’s easier to see on the darker surfaces, so I’d recommend starting with a darker or colored ornament over white or clear to see it dry more easily if you are worried.}

Step Two: Let the gold leaf dry {usually about ten minutes} until it has a tacky texture.

Step Three: Gently apply the gold leaf to your adhesive.

Step Four: Use your soft brush to gently wipe away the excess gold leaf

Voila! Gold leaf initial ornaments! Perfect on your tree or pressies..So, what do you think? I think I may go make some more! xo


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