Shades of Season’s Change: Week One

Whispers of autumn are in the air and our minds are spinning with fabulous ideas for events this fall.  You may remember when Pantone released their Fall 2013 Colors, and now that we are on the heels of the season, we are more excited than ever for a beautiful fall with rich, warm tones and vibrant colors! Their choices offer a stunning palette with many chic combinations we are excited to work with. Check back over the next few weeks for striking color combos you and your guests will love.

This week’s color combo: “Vivacious and Turbulence”

We are loving this color combination for a fresh take on the popular grey+ pink pairing.  It’s a beautiful color scheme that transitions nicely from the summer months into fall and together, the look is stunning. The berry infused hue is rich and elegant while the grey keeps the combo from being too girly and ensures a chic balance. Pops of white or a green can be added through flowers or decor to lighten up the combination a bit. Adding a metallic color such as gold or bronze can make the hues feel more formal and adds a bit of glamour to the look. (Love this!)

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